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now i'm found

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Dec. 17th, 2007 | 11:42 pm
location: bed
mood: determineddetermined

 Amazingly, this thing is still lurking in cyberspace. I am just getting ready for sleep & watching television simultaneously. Sleep makes work arrive too soon. I have to explore the world of sales tomorrow. I am not excited.  I don't want to shop my hotel around. It's mandatory. I'd really like a raise. I'm sure I don't stand alone in that desire. I also know if I stick it out, next year will be a good money year. Let's find out! 

Lately I have been reconnecting with some friendly reminders of my past. I am glad that people always seem to stay inside your personal universe. No matter how far they may travel, they somehow make their way back to say hi. That's nice. 

I am going home for New Year's. Should be fun. Interesting in a good way. Maybe I am just looking forward to my midnight kiss. I am very pleased that making plans confirms the level of fun I shalll be having. Good company will ensure a good time. 

Okay.. sleep is violating my alertness.

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