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Sep. 28th, 2004 | 01:51 am
mood: excitedexcited
music: waiting for the new interpol tomorrow(TODAY) franz ferdinand

well... damn. It's been a minute... a very long minute.
goes like this...
Moved home. Stayed a few months, got it together(my shit) had the ball rolling.. Accident! 2 months of therapy and now I'm back in KCMO. Still in therapy. Need counseling probably.. i've recently decided. Finally got digi- cable/internet! Planning some pretty, new tattoos in time for the Voodoo Tatoo convention in Louisiana! Can't wait!! Been looking for a sexy-ish type costume to wear in New Orleans on Halloween!!! That time of year aain- the air smell so sweet! i'm mostly happy. got some new porn last night- the sex life is slammin! for lack of better blah blah blah...
maybe getting a hot tub in the very near future!! What what! been listening to a lot of radio friendly music- i can't help it! Franz Ferdinand is doing it for me- and I like the killers a lot!!
Just saw Those Peabody's in Lawrence a minute ago- they were tight- no one was there. Adam's hair was grown out a bit- he seemed pretty drunk- or maybe uncomfortable since i was with my boyfriend and the last time i saw him he gave me an orgasm. oh the anonymity!

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