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Jul. 29th, 2004 | 07:59 pm
mood: thirstythirsty
music: cure-all mixed up, bad wizard

i'm drinking beer and eating pills. my back has been achy. smoked a bit earlier and i'm feeling pretty mellow. jason and the family left for Vegas this evening. that means i am babysitting three kitties and a dog. sara also left town and that's where cat 3 comes in. i'm the animal keeper which is fine by me. i'm glad my friends ask me to keep their pets, i enjoy it. it's nice mostly because it's a temporary situation- not a lifelong commitment. i'm not ready for that right now. i'm discovering what a selfish person i am. oh well. so i got the place to myself and it feels pretty good. i'm trying to go to kc sunday for a few days. miss my boy.
i'm too out of it to continue.

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