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Jul. 27th, 2004 | 11:38 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: cure, rocket

still going to the chiropractor. had an MRI last night and, by the way, hated it. i felt like i was in a coffin with a jackhammer busting asphalt like a halo around my head. they let me listen to music through headphones that were pretty old so they just added to the discomfort. 25 minutes! both of my arms fell asleep due to the instructions to be as still as possible. at one point i did find myself a little panicked by the tight space. tomorrow i'll hear the results at the chiropractor's office. i just want all of this shit to hurry and be over but i don't feel like my back or hand are healing so quickly. the last thing i want is to schedule my life around not only work, but also doctor's visits and so forth. it's very draining. i should be in bed and that's another disappointing fact.
i'm ready to get back to missouri and try to enjoy it. i've almost completely cleared up all debts and loans and think it's a good time to start over. as long as it's no colder than 70 degrees when i finally get back, i'll be OK that i missed summertime there.
what else..
i fucking DESPISE my job. natural food store corporate bullshit. that whole place is ridiculous and redundant! i am shocked and appalled on a daily basis and am getting so fed up.i hope i can stick it out long enough to reap the benefits of insurance. so far it's come in handy for my pharmacy visits. i have a long day tomorrow. chiro, prescription writing dr and work until 9. i dread it.
my eyes are closing on me..

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